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Monday, June 25, 2007


Hubby has now lost 75lbs!!! For those keeping track, that is 15lbs more than he needed to loose for the surgery!! We see the surgen in about a month, hubby still wants it done. In the mean time, we see his doctor on Thursday, wish us luck!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Hubby informed me last night that he weighed himself at work, and he has reached his target goal for surgery!!!!!!!!!! He sees the surgen at the end of July


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Went to give Lil Bit a bath:
Me: "You want a bath?"
Lil Bit: "Yeah, bath"
Hubby: "Lil Bit, you want to eat kitty poo?"
Lil Bit: "Yeah!"
Hubby: "How about Doggy Poo?"
Lil Bit: "Mica?" (Grandparen'ts dog)
Hubby: "You want to eat Mica's poo?"
Lil Bit: "Barney?" (their other dog)
Hubby: " You want to eat Barney's poo?"
Lil Bit: "yeah"

Hubby then looks at me like this all proves something.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Almost Two months

Hey, sorry to abandon you fine people. Work has been working me five days a week, and when not working, I have Lil Bit and Hubby and housework. Life with a 2 year old keeps me on my feet, so yeah, life happens. Little things happen that make me think, "I should blog this" but they are never enough to actually post.

Some major things:

Lil bit is now 2... too lazy to upload pics now. We had a blast. I served 1 1/2 gallons of chili, hot dogs, a veggie platter, a Winnie the Poo cake, and ice cream. We had it on a Wensday night, 19 people showed, and no one stayed so long as to overwhelm Lil Bit. Lil Bit did cry when we sang "Happy Birthday", though. This surprised me, because usually nothing scares her.

Easter (the weekend before her birthday) went well, Lil Bit ended up with FOUR Easter baskets and a gift bag with Easter goodies. wondering why everyone seems to think a child that young needs THAT much candy. Of course Hubby and I helped dispose of it.

Speaking of Hubby and eating.... Hubby has now lost 52lbs!!!!!!!!!!!! yep, we are quite happy with it. 8 more lbs till he is eligible for the surgery. He has an appointment in the middle of July to speak to the surgeon. All he has to do now is loose the eight pounds and keep them off!! wish us luck!

Well, that is all I can think of for now. please be patient with me. I promise I am looking in on all of you, and reading your blogs, I even post comments time to time. I do plan on keeping this blog going, but I don't want it to be an obligation. When I have time to share, I will. I leave you with a pic of Lil Bit and her favorite bunny.

Friday, March 02, 2007

rules and regulations.

It is a rule that if you are on Medicaid in Illinois, and under the age of 2, you need a lead test. This seemed to be a good rule. It is important to know if a child is going to have developmental problems, and Lil Bit did live with us in a 100 year old building till she was 9 months. I NOW HATE THIS RULE!

I got a letter saying Lil Bit needed said test in December, and to take her to a clinic in East St. Louis. I had a problem with this. Those who do not understand why, go Google East St. Louis. I will wait. See?

So, after sitting on the letter for a while, trying to decide what armed guard I was taking to a clinic in the worse part of said city, I called Lil Bit's Dr. and asked what to do. I was told he would write me up a script, and we could go to the hospital where she was born, to get it done. MUCH BETTER.

I asked around about the test, and didn't like what I heard. I was told they had to dig around for it, and that it was painful. Why couldn't they do a finger prick like they did for her iron test???

We went today. I took my mother with me for support and directions. She gets way more blood work done than I do. We got the order filled, and went to the lab. Two techs came in, and said that if my mom wanted to wait in the hall to avoid watching both of us cry she could (not kidding). They had me sit in a chair, and hold my child down, while they first looked for a vein in one arm, and then the other. At this point my mother asked why they couldn't do the finger prick method, and we were told that they used to, but are not allowed to any more because of contamination.

They found a vein in the second arm, and went after that, but weren't finding any blood. Lil Bit was being a very good baby, but was telling them already that she was done. Kept saying "I done" They finally found blood after a few minutes, but as soon as they did, it got knocked out... not enough to do anything with. Lil bit started screaming and crying. I was now "done" too.
The second tech started digging in the first arm, found a vein, and got blood. While they were drawing blood, they tried to get her to talk about cartoon characters, and the like, but all she did was cry, and look at me saying "Mommy, I done". I started to tear up.
When we were finished, they gave Lil Bit four stickers. She wasn't really all that interested, but she did take two of them when they handed them to her.
My mother made the decision that good girls that get their blood drawn need suckers. I agreed, so we went to the gift shop and got one.
I really don't want to go through this again, but if I read the paper correctly, we get to get it done again next year.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Diet update

It is indeed proving to be a long hard road. That said, we are traveling it well. Hubby has lost 28lbs, 17 in the last two months. It took awhile to change the way we cook, eat, and look at food. Hubby has now gotten his blood pressure under control, and now the real fun begins.
They have prescribed an appetite suppressant, and hubby is using slim fast to help him drop weight faster. The dietitian has approved this, as long as he realises that once we are done with the appetite suppressants, it is back to the life changes that we have already made.
We know from experience that Hubby is capable of dropping the required weight on this medicine. We also know from experience that once it is done, he is capable of gaining the weight x 2 back.
The plan of course, is to keep on with the lifestyle changes, and prepare for surgery.
Wish us luck.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dedicated to the ones I love

Yes, I know this post is a day late. Did you REALLY think I would be on time for ANYTHING?
First HAVE to tell you what lil Bit did two days ago. Bodily functions described.. So if you don't want to read it, skip the next paragraph.

Lil Bit had just taken Hubby and I to dinner, and once we were home, I put Lil Bit in the bath tub. She sat and soaked for a bit, and I sat there and let her play in the tub. She stood up, and got out of the tub, and I went to put her back. That was when she handed me something and said "poopy"! Yep, sure was! I called to hubby to wash up the baby, while I drained and scrubbed the tub. Needless to say, I was NOT amused.

I found myself telling two people yesterday how Hubby and I became a couple. It didn't happen on Valentine's day. In fact, it was a very hot night in July. However, it is one of the most romantic things my husband has ever done, and I think I should share it here.

I have never shared with you the fact that I am now married to my second husband. This blog deals with the here and now, and to moan over the past just seems wrong. Just know that things weren't happy, and that I had started dating my first husband when I was 16, married him at 22, and divorced him at 25. I have known Hubby since I was 20, and we were very good friends throughout my first marriage. I will call Hubby "H" for the rest of this story, because otherwise I think you will get lost

H, another friend, and I went out that evening. The subject came around to my marriage to my first husband, as it always seemed to. I wasn't happy, he wasn't treating me right, and why was I there anyways? "He loves me" seemed to be the answer. H was like "Well, I love you" "Do you?" of course he did, he was one of my best friends. "But are you IN love with me" He gave me no answer, and we left it at that. I was embarrassed, it wasn't something a married woman asked of her best male buddy.

Later in that night, when I should have gone home, instead the three of us went to an all night coffee shop in St. Louis. H wanted me to walk with him, so we left the other friend there, sipping her capacino. We passed specialty shops with trinkets and Tiffany lamps. Again the talk come to my marriage, and WHY.

We went back to the coffee shop, and my friend begged us not to leave her alone again. We decide to go on another walk, so take we took her with us.

This time we end up at the Chase Park Plaza. It is now about three in the morning, when I said I would be home at midnight. H was a security guard at the time, and sweet talks the door guard there into letting us wander the halls of the hotel. The hotel is beautifully decorated with fine art, tapristries, and antique furniture. As we walk down the hall, our other friend, who is a classically trained pianist, decides she is going to find the piano. She knows that there has to be one in a place as grand as this, and she just HAS to play it.

H says to me "come sit down with me for a moment" motioning to a very nice loveseat. We sit and talk for a moment, as the gentle sounds of classical music start coming from the distance. "You asked today if I love you, you know that I do" he starts "More important than that, you asked if I was IN love with you, the answer is yes"

I left my ex husband that night.